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Monday, 13 October 2008

One good leg, three more to go

We have had George just one week. I decided to get my own vet to assess him, having had so many bad experiences of vettings. I was aware before he arrived that there were some issues, but I decided that I liked him enough to see if these were 'easy' fixes or something more serious. He is on trial, so theoretically I don't have to keep him.

So today was the initial assessment. I had noticed that while he was a keen feeder, he ate very cautiously, so no surprise to find he needed his teeth done. Unfortunately they were quite bad, he had several ulcers and it took so long to rasp off the sharp points on his teeth the vet was only able to complete the upper set. The lower jaw will need to be dealt with very soon.

George has an extreme toe first landing in front. The vet's opinion was that the feet had not been trimmed for a 'considerable' time. I think in truth the owner has been doing their very best to do the right thing. They have had the farrier out to trim roughly every six weeks. Unfortunately the farrier doesn't appear to have done a very good job. More about this when our own trimmer has paid a visit.

George stands with all four feet camped under his body and his off fore has a consistently bent or 'over at the knee' stance. I don't think he is sound in front - his stride is very short. He could be bilaterly lame, but the vet wants to do further assessment under more rigorous circumstances before he will commit himself. To top it off, the vet also thinks he could be lame left hind.

Oh and he confirmed that George is very sore in his back, especially the loin area - and in the sacro illiac region. So now we are preparing ourselves to find an old sacro illiac injury.

Well we have one good leg - what more could anyone ask...........

PS The vet was both pleased and I think pleasantly surprised to find Princess doing so well.

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