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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Madam - 3 miles and counting

We managed to find a three mile bridleway circuit of mostly fields. We wanted a soft surface because Madam is transitioning to barefoot and her boots are on order.

Before launching this adventure we checked the route. I always used to do this using ordance survey maps, but they don't show if your bridleway has been concreted over or worse. So now I find the bridleways using the paper maps and then use Mapmyrun to scout the surfaces and parking.

Madam is on the slow road of recovery following a nasty sacro illiac ligament injury. The circuit is helping a lot in maintaining a base level of fitness, but we need to get and then keep her very fit in order to help prevent the injury recurring.

We are building up her mileage slowly and mixing in long slow rides with shorter faster rides that include interval training.

Sunday was a big pschological milestone for Madam's owner because they got to canter in an open field. Madam offered and when accepted was perfect, steady, calm, willing and stopped as soon as she was asked.

It was only 3.1 miles and Madam was a bit tired afterwards, but so far she is improving each week.

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