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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Boing... boing... boing.. boing..................

That's me hopping round the stable while mucking out.........

Following an early am phone call from the carer of this horse saying that not only is he staying sound, but he is now jumping (cross poles nothing fancy) and staying sound.


If any horse deserved to get his feet back, it's this one. 

Congrats to carer for putting in the time and effort and giving this guy the chance he needed.


Laura Lee said...

that's so exciting! I've been trying to get MY guys up to speed -- ok, to be more accurate, move from healthy hooves to performance feet but I think there's always something weird popping up. I wish they had someone like you to look at them. Sure, there must be great hoofkeepers here in the Pacific Northwest US but who wants to spend a year and a bundle of cash weeding thru the flunkies?

Lucy Priory said...

Hi Laura Lee - yes it is sooo exciting :-) I am really pleased for him and his carer.

I didn't really do anything - took the shoes off, didn't try and 'correct' anything. He got on with it and grew the foot he needed when he was given the chance. We did take steps to make sure his diet was adequate, he got some exercise and his feet were conservatively trimmed. Mind you he put out a lot of foot so although the trim was 'conservative' we still had a lot to take off :-)

Lucy Priory said...

I am pretty sure shoeing and abusive riding techniques are what made this horse lame. Added to which you have never heard a horse breathe such a big sigh as this guy did when his shoes came off.

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