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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Post script to the last

and while I think about it .........

More bouncing is required for the carer (you know who you are), who in the past few months has deshod three horses all at the same time, moved yards and then built the horses a track of their very own.

Recently trotted up for vets post a weighing session all three horses were reported as being 'very sound' and were also the closest to their ideal weight of any horses the vets have weighed.

The herd includes a warmblood, a TB and a pony.  Congrats to the carer! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment a while ago as you posted something about the horses appreciating and liking good trimmers.

My old farrier had a terrible time with my stud colt--he would never bite or kick, but the farrier was afraid of him and my colt would wiggle and hop and move non-stop. I would always work him extra before the farrier came to make sure he had no 'giggles' left.

The new trimmer that only does bare foot trims has ZERO problem with him. NONE. I've stopped working him before the trimmer comes or even that week if I don't have the time. It's amazing... I thought I was training him badly and felt embarrassed every time the farrier came... until I switched.

What's even more crazy that my stoic semi-retired horse grooms the trimmer's hair. In 9 years of owning him, he's only ever done it to me. lol!

I would have never believed that horses could appreciate a trimmer if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Every day I thank you for your blog--it made me realize there were more options!

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