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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Home grown and trimming in the dark the Snogmeister excels

LHSR March 2011

LHSR Nov 2011

Snogmeister standing loose to have his manicure,
in the dark, with his pals walking past :-)

Yes that is the same foot. Nothing fancy done, just facilitated nature rather than trying to dictate. So this is a Snogmeister special - all home grown........ Not really surprising he was having problems before he got to choose the shape of his foot when you consider how different the man made (shoe made) version was.  What you might not be able to see is the dramatic increase in concavity.

And look at him - standing so quietly in the dark to have his toes done. What you can't see (because of the flash from the camera) is how the foot is floodlit but the rest is more or less in the pitch dark. What a good lad! :-)


amandap said...

What an improvement especially in frog, overall hoof shape and de contraction.

May I ask, on the Nov photo, what the dip on the left (looking at pic) at the quarters is? The sole finding it's level?

Lovely fella and what a good boy.

Lucy Priory said...

Hi amandap. Apologies for terrible photo but I grabbed it while he was in his box and was in a hurry. Ignoring the odd bit of chipping/normal wear and tear the wall and sole are pretty flush.

I am so pleased this guy came sound. Now we just need to find him a good home.

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