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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 28 November 2011

Maiden voyage of the naked hoof!

was the title of an email from a client this morning.......  and with their permission here is the body:-

I rode him for the first time in 12 weeks due to his virus and he did not put a hoof out of line. We went on a short loop which took us along the road and round the corner of a field - not a ride I would have even considered in his 'sugar days' as the field and hedge would have been far too spooky especially after 12 weeks off!

Yesterday we went down the road and back up a stubble field (all walk) again Mr relaxed.

This morning we did another short ride and had a little trot along the grass.

And yes I am still grinning like a lunatic!

This very dedicated owner, who is a real example to us all, has struggled for years (14 to be precise) with a horse that had to have shoes and pads in front and was extremely unpredictable to handle.

When deshod he had pretty bad nail bind - but one of the major turning points for this lovely gelding was reducing the sugar/starch in his diet.

I am so happy for them both.  It took 14 years, but the horse has found his feet and the owner has rediscovered the horse she thought she had.  I hope they enjoy the rest of the time they have.

Big hugs :-)

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