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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Navicular and metabolic - the next instalment

It's amazing what you find when you have a tidy up.......

We looked at this case earlier this year but having reorganised my files I have found an old photo which you might find interesting, especially when you compare it with the end of October shot.

This case particularly highlights how shoes mask deep seated problems.  The horse was diagnosed with navicular, but no one mentioned the multiple event lines, stretched white line, collapsed sole and forward running foot and what these might mean.  Except that the horse was "genetically flat footed" ...........

Thought you might like a few quotes from this horse's carer (with their permission so thank you to them :-) )

"Someone watching me pick xxxx's feet out today said 'You are lucky with her, she has great feet' I actually stood up in shock and said are you talking to me??!! "

"She really is stomping along on her feet. I actually forget no shoes at times :) "

 "When I started this process I did not think her feet would get smaller, that I would be able to rug her up without being bitten and kicked, I could hack without shoes, that her flat feet weren't genetic :) So much learned!"
22 06 11 recently deshod
31 10 11 post 'hiccup' - see end

22 06 11 recently deshod

08 11 11

Hiccup - this horse is so sensitive that a few handfuls of the 'wrong sort' of hay can make her lame and grumpy and it shows in the structure of her feet too.

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Hoof Boots said...

Great article. I hope more riders move to barefoot horse riding.

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