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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Broken quarters, abscess holes

Abscess split: heel - quarter (April 2010)
Split when weight bearing
Looks awful, horse still sound on all surfaces
Damage now at toe - nearly gone
Damage completely grown out (August 2010)

Shod - it appears abscess crack
has been 'dressed'
Looks awful, but horse sound.
'Super' structure grown in provides
natural support.  Previous 'dressing'
not apparently helpful

Solar view
Nearly grown out.  No 'help' other
 than AANHCP trimming,
a good diet and regular exercise
Solar view
All grown out - super structure remains

I thought you might like these photos as examples of how a horse can have a significant hole in a foot and still manage just fine. Without shoes and continue to work. No packing, filling, fancy goo, or other specialist ttreatment required. One of these hooves lives out 24/7 and works on a variety of surfaces several days a week. The other hoof is part or fully stabled and works every day. Both hooves are trimmed according to the principles as laid down by the AANHCP. The carers ensure the horses are properly fed and the hooves picked out effectively.


Wolfie said...

Wow. Thanks for posting these pictures and showing how quickly damage can be corrected.

RuckusButt said...

Testing to see if I can comment now...I typed out a response to the deviated hoof post only to find I wasn't allowed to comment anymore. I was so sad! I love your blog :)

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