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Monday, 2 August 2010

A quiet celebration

No names, no pack drill, but a quiet 'Thank You' to the horse carers that made this weekend pure magic :-)

For the written off 'navicular' who is slowly coming sound.  Now lands flat/heel first when she used to be the worst toe lander I've seen.

For the two little muffins who were almost angelic, when previously they used to be harder to do than the heaviest session at the gym.  And the elderly lady whose grand canyon hoof cracks are resolving.

For the happy lad whose hooves are still nearer to baked bean cans than feet, but at least he is smiling now.

For the mare who sucked my hair and fell asleep on the hoof stand.

Thank you - you rock! :-)


Mrs Mom said...


Glad you had such an amazing weekend!

Kate said...

Very sweet - thanks for sharing!

Wolfie said...

Isn't it wonderful when you experience the magic?! Your work makes a difference. Glad you had a magical weekend, Sophie.

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