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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 30 August 2010

Growing out hoof cracks, deviations etc

Throughout this blog you will see hooves with various issues; missing quarters, hoof cracks and deviations.

All of these have been managed by applying the AANHCP trimming/hoof management protocols.

The crack in yesterday's post is resolving much faster than I anticipated, because when I first saw it, not only was is worryingly long and wide, it was also very deep and somewhat infected.  I forgot to mention it yesterday (exhausted) but the red circle shows just how fast the hoof is growing.

The foot is trimmed at precisely 4 week intervals and the horse lives out 24/7 in the damp UK climate.  The owner is very conscientious and I have shown them how to maintain the mustang roll in between visits.

As always the difference is really made by the owner.  In this case someone who is devoted to their horse and prepared to buck tradition in order to maintain them in good health.

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