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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Diet - hooves don't lie

I'm trialling a new dietary regime on my own very complicated horse.

In all other respects she appears really healthy; her coat is blooming, eyes bright, chatty, friendly, droppings in good order, doesn't smell odd, no filling in the legs etc.

But her feet have not been right since we very ill advisedly used a particular brand of wormer in April and she then got let loose on some grass.  And I firmly believe hooves don't lie, if they are not right then the horse can not be classified as 100%.

We suspect the wormer damaged the gut lining, which then had knock on effects, but who knows for sure - there is precious little research, just lots of anecdotal type information.

Anyhow I'm not one to let matters lie, so we are trying the dietary regime which is designed to help support/restore a damaged gut.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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Gates said...

HI ,this is Gates from Texas. I commend you on your efforts to further the cause of the healthy horse/ hoof. I read but a little of your blog and can see you are doing well. I, a veteran farrier of 34 yrs and now exclusively barefoot for 8yrs. My opinion is the same as yours with the healthy horse will have a healthy hoof and diet is at the forefront. I have feed nearly everything out there and have been lucky to dodge a problem . I have had horses for 45 yrs and been around them since I was a toddler. The same feeds that I have had success with have lately have caused a few issues with a couple of mine and a number of my clients. Laminitis and sore hooves ,white line disease,choking.
In February of this year I found a solution. Have you ever heard of enzyme inhibitors? The solution is a new feed. It has had enormous results with mine and my customers. good luck to you Gates

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