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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Heels - same horse, fore foot

RF Shod
RF Deshod approx 1 month

Solar views

RF Shod solar view
RF 3.5 weeks ago
RF just deshod
RF 2 days ago

This horse has abscessed in both fronts during the transition. This is unusual, but it does happen when the foot has a lot of rubbish to clear out. You can see how the shod foot is a different shape to the unshod foot, and over time it is changing shape.

Positive changes include:

  • improved frog quality (denser, less thrush)
  • heels broader
  • buttresses becoming more robust
  • sole depth improving
  • foot becoming more front foot shaped

Some of the challenges faced include:
  • abscess in each front outside quarter
  • heavy thrush infection
  • seedy toe
  • tender soles
  • pink in the white line
But the horse is making better than expected progress, allowing for where the feet started.  Boots would allow the horse to continue a moderate work load.


Wolfie said...

Hi Sophie - can you clarify something for me? When you say "workload" do you mean these horses are work horses or do you mean that they can be ridden? Thanks!

Sophie said...

Hi Wolfie, I do some hefties, but no heavies :-) (Although the one that 'sat' on me was very heavy....) Some of the horses featured in this blog work in excess of 10 hours a week, but as ridden leisure horses, not in harness.

Sophie said...

And it is much easier for me to have a positive impact on feet that do some work. (Always within comfort zones of course)

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