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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The shoe should fit the foot.............

August foot against June shoe
Recently(ish) deshod

Today we dug out the front shoes for one of the more difficult transition cases. Have a look at the photos? What is your view - did the shoe fit the foot or was the horse having to use a shod foot shape that was not natural to them?

An interesting 'tell' regardless of the photo evidence is
that the horse abscessed on both front outside quarters shortly after deshoeing.

Although this transition is tricky the carer for this horse is doing a remarkable job.


smazourek said...

That shoe isn't even shaped like a hoof. Contracted heels much? Blech.

Breathe said...

Would you mind if I post this photo with a link to your blog? I really think it says it all.

Sophie said...

Hi Breathe, thank you for reading this blog. You are welcome to post a link and use the image, so long as we remain respectful of the owner of the horse who is doing their very best for them. Shame the shoe wasn't similarly minded..........

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