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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lameness a case study - 8 weeks 6 days

This horse was deshod on 09 June 10.  You can see the foot with the shoe on in the first picture.  If you look at the first three side view photos you can see how the profile has changed.

The fourth photo shows the foot, partially cleaned, just after the shoe was taken off.  Look at the:
  • stretch in the white line
  • condition of the sole
  • skinny, thrushy frog
  • condition and placement of the heels
  • general overall shape of the foot
Check these points out on photos 5 and 6.  Especially review the stretch of the white line.

What can not be shown in these photos are the following positive points:
  • horse now marches on a level concrete surface as though on a mission
  • heel first landing
  • bright eyed and alert
  • can stand to be trimmed on concrete (used to need a rubber mat)
Thank you to the carer of this horse for generously allowing us all to check their progress.  And thank you for caring enough to put in all the effort this transformation is taking.  I know it is tough - but you just 'Keep on swimming!' (Finding Nemo)

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